Stream 5 x Guided Audio Meditations for Inner Tranquility

Five NEW unique audio meditations from King Island

We are pleased to release our 2nd series of meditations from King Island. Inspired by the environment, this NEW audio series is slightly more advanced that the first series. They are traditional Yoga meditations so that you can penetrate into the deeper levels of your being.

In this second series we will teach you 5 unique meditation techniques.

1. Heart Meditation (21 min):
An active meditation on taking breath and mantra into the spiritual heart.
2. Antar Mouna (Inner Silence) (20 min):
A passive meditation on witnessing. Antar means inner and Mouna means silence.
3. Analoma Viloma (breath and mantra) (25 min):
An acttive and passive meditation moving the breath through the right and left nostrils and finishing with witnesssing.
4. Yoga Relaxation (30 min):
An active and passive meditation using the breath the awaken the third eye of intuition.
5. Yoga Nidra (25min):
A guided relaxation where you lie down and use our awareness to consciously relax the body.

Obtain a link that allows you to stream or download all 5 audio meditations to your device, so you can practice anytime!

5 Meditations DIGITAL


5 x Audio Meditations
  •  Heart Meditation
  •  Antar Mouna (Inner Silence)
  •  Analoma Viloma (breath and mantra)
  •  Yoga Relaxation
  •  Yoga Nidra
  •  5 x AUDIO FILES approx 146min total