Established in 2002, the Hawthorn Malvern Yoga Centre (HMYC) was founded by husband and wife team – Shimon Tchobutaru & Jacqueline Brumley. Devoted to a life of yoga, they have over 60 years of collective experience and have been sharing their passion for yoga with HMYC students for over a decade. Coming from a diverse background of yoga teaching styles, both have extensive teacher training and have been previously certified with Iyengar Yoga, which they taught for many years, before formulating their own unique style of teaching. Throughout their careers, Jacqui and Shimon have also travelled extensively to Europe and India to undertake formal study with the yogi masters.


HMYC teach a dynamic method of Hatha Yoga, coupled with an emphasis on alignment and precision. Encouraging postural alignment, balanced muscular action along with steadiness of mind, thus developing effort, intelligence and accuracy. Emphasis is on integrating the many aspects of ourselves — physical, mental and spiritual. Students can expect to experience increased strength and flexibility, mental clam and wellbeing, whilst learning in a friendly and welcoming environment.