Stream 5 x Guided Audio Meditations for Inner Tranquility

Five unique Audio meditations from King Island

A NEW audio series designed for you develop a regular meditation practice. Each meditation is a different journey inwardly where you will calm your mind and nervous system and develop a more integrated, peaceful and awakened state.

In this series we will teach you 5 unique meditation techniques.

1. Earth Meditation (15min):
Cultivate a sense of being anchored in one’s body and supported by life.
2. Concentrative Meditation (17min):
Create focus and awareness on one point – the breath, with mantra and the eyebrow centre.
3. Active Visualisation (15min):
Use the powers of our imagination to cultivate favourable situations.
4. Chakra Meditation (26min):
Using energy of the breath and mantra to awaken our physic centres.
5. Yoga Nidra (25min):
This is where we lie down and use our awareness to consciously relax the body.

Obtain a link that allows you to stream or download all 5 audio meditations to your device, so you can practice anytime!

5 Meditations DIGITAL


5 x Audio Meditations
  •  Introduction
  •  Earth Meditation
  •  Concentrative Meditation
  •  Active Visualisation
  •  Chakra Meditation
  •  Yoga Nidra
  •  5 x AUDIO FILES approx 103min total