Stream 5 x Guided Audio Meditations for Inner Tranquility

Five NEW unique audio meditations for the beginner

The series is a systematic approach where we will teach you the fundamentals of establishing a meditation practice. You will learn how to set up for Meditation, how to focus and steady your mind, how to concentrate more effectively and how to tune into your awareness. Through this you will learn to remove your attention away from the onslaught of daily life and connect to a deeper and quieter side of yourself. All mediations are guided and easy to follow. No prior experience needed to practice them.

In this series we will teach you 5 unique meditation techniques.

An active meditation on taking breath and mantra into the spiritual heart.
1. Learning to Sit (15 min)
This meditation is on cultivating a steady, still and upright posture. It has a grounding affect on the body and a centering effect on the mind.
2. Witnessing Meditation (15 min)
A passive meditation on witnessing. Antar means inner and Mouna means silence.
3. Throat Breathing (18 min)
A meditation learning to deepen the breath accessing the throat breath. This breath has a calming affect on the nervous system.
4. Moving Breath is Pelvis (14 min)
A meditation learning to connect the breath into the pelvis. This practice gives one a feeling of being stable and grounded to earth.
5. Relaxation (20 min):
A guided relaxation where you lie down and use our awareness to consciously relax the body.

Obtain a link that allows you to stream or download all 5 audio meditations to your device, so you can practice anytime!

5 Meditations DIGITAL


5 x Audio Meditations
  •  Introduction
  •  Learning to Sit
  •  Witnessing Meditation
  •  Throat Breathing
  •  Moving Breath is Pelvis
  •  Relaxation
  •  5 x AUDIO FILES approx 82min total