All of the Yoga classes at the Hawthorn Malvern Yoga Centre offer a systematic and progressive approach at the appropriate level. All classes are carefully structured so that students learn how to practise properly and progress in an effective way. Students can attend casually or take our 5 or 10 Week course. Students can move between courses within their level throughout the Term.

Introductory Yoga

NEW 5 + 10 week courses
For those new to yoga. HMYC takes the student through the basic yoga poses and how to do them properly. Our niche is how to teach you Yoga. It is a progressive approach on learning Yoga and each week you build on what you know and learn something new. What you will learn in this course will stand you good stead for a continuous Yoga journey. Course also teaches relaxation and Yoga breathing. (non-refundable & non transferable)


First time at HMYC?

  • Please do not eat 2 hours before a class.
  • Wear loose or stretchy clothes that are comfortable, cool and allow you to move freely are best.
  • Water bottle and/or small towel are highly recommended.
  • Arrive five to ten minutes before class.
  • Please ensure your mobile phone is off for the duration of your class.
  • Inform your teacher if you are menstruating, pregnant or have any injuries.
  • All ages and levels of fitness welcome!

Level 1 Yoga

NEW 10 week course
For students having completed an introductory course or equivalent. A good solid Yoga class consolidating and refining the basic poses, whilst exploring new ones. A dynamic class but not over challenging. You will feel exercised, energised and relaxed from this level. (non-refundable & non transferable)


Intermediate Yoga

NEW 10 week course
For students wanting to take their practice to the next level and explore a different range of asanas and breathing practices. The Intermediate level at HMYC introduces students to performing full backbends, strong arm balances and deep hip opening poses. Whilst challenging at times, the Intermediate class is also great fun and offers an exciting new reportoire of dynamic yoga moves. (non-refundable & non transferable)



NEW 10 week course
HMYC offers a strong and challenging level for advanced students with a minimum of 2 years consistent yoga experience. This dynamic level will teach: full inversions, how to practice of deeper backbends, forward bends and inversions with variations. (non-refundable & non transferable)



Arm Balances Course

NEW 8 week course
Throughout this 8-week course, our resident ‘arm master’ Shimon will teach arm balances in a non-conventional way, utilizing his countless years of yoga practice, as well as techniques and teachings learnt from circus performers and champion gymnasts. Through his approach we have found that practitioners and teachers of yoga not only can achieve these asanas but also enjoy practicing and then mastering them.

The course teaches students how to engage with the right muscular and skeletal action through correct alignment. Focus will be on strengthening the arms, shoulders and core, as well as opening the hips and groins. The course focuses not only on strength, but how to incorporate lightness, flexibility & stability. It is also looks at centering the mind to steady the body whilst using the breath to energize the pose and thus giving one a direct connection to their own inner power. (non-refundable & non transferable)