HMYC is a yoga studio like no other! We operate as a school, running classes with different levels and guiding our students through their journey. We aim to teach you yoga properly and not just rely on copying poses. This way, we hope to empower you so you can evolve in your yoga practice safely and at your own pace. As the core of our students are parents and grandparents, we align our teaching schedule with the school terms and holidays.

Introductory Yoga

If you are new to yoga, this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn, practice and discover yoga at its core. You will learn to practice yoga and not just copy the poses.

In these classes you will learn:

  • Correct form and alignment technique in depth
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Learn how to use props safely
  • The foundation of yoga and its philosophy
  • To work with your capacities, injuries or health conditions
  • Work in a SAFE environment

The introductory yoga course runs over ten weeks. However, we also offer a shorter version of 5 weeks that starts at the beginning and middle of each term. (non-refundable & non transferable)


First time at HMYC?

  • Please do not eat 2 hours before a class.
  • Wear loose or stretchy clothes that are comfortable, cool and allow you to move freely are best.
  • Water bottle and/or small towel are highly recommended.
  • Arrive five to ten minutes before class.
  • Please ensure your mobile phone is off for the duration of your class.
  • Inform your teacher if you are menstruating, pregnant or have any injuries.
  • All ages and levels of fitness welcome!

Level 1 Yoga

In this class, you will experience a more dynamic, fluid flow in yoga. While this class is robust, it is not overly challenging. You will become more comfortable in your yoga poses, feel energised and strengthen as you progress. This class is an excellent opportunity to practice and refine basic yoga poses while exploring new ones.

In these classes you will:

  • Practice and refine your yoga poses
  • Learn a new range of forms and movements
  • Learn to how to transition safely between poses
  • Have better control over your body
  • Have fun!

This course is ideal for students that have completed an introductory yoga class or an equivalent. (non-refundable & non transferable)


Intermediate Yoga

This class is for more established yogis wanting to take their practice to the next level. You will gain more control over your body and learn advanced breathing techniques, alongside advanced poses such as:

  • Full backbend
  • All standing poses
  • Strong arm balances
  • Explore a wider range of Asana
  • Deep hip opening poses

This course is ideal for students that have completed the Level 1 yoga class or an equivalent. (non-refundable & non transferable)



A robust and challenging class for yogis with consistent yoga experience. This class aims to practice yoga at its highest level and help you go beyond your limitations.

  • Headstand
  • Shoulder stand
  • Full inversions with variations
  • Deeper backbend
  • Dynamic arm balances

We recommend having a minimum of two years of regular yoga practice to join this class. Young yoga teachers are welcomed to join this class. (non-refundable & non transferable)



Arm Balances Course

NEW 8 week course
Throughout this 8-week course, our resident ‘arm master’ Shimon will teach arm balances in a non-conventional way, utilizing his countless years of yoga practice, as well as techniques and teachings learnt from circus performers and champion gymnasts. Through his approach we have found that practitioners and teachers of yoga not only can achieve these asanas but also enjoy practicing and then mastering them.

The course teaches students how to engage with the right muscular and skeletal action through correct alignment. Focus will be on strengthening the arms, shoulders and core, as well as opening the hips and groins. The course focuses not only on strength, but how to incorporate lightness, flexibility & stability. It is also looks at centering the mind to steady the body whilst using the breath to energize the pose and thus giving one a direct connection to their own inner power. (non-refundable & non transferable)